The opportunities for your entertainment are wide and extensive on Anglesey, regardless of the weather. When staying at Llanfair Hall, you will have access to a wealth of ideas for entertainment and dining, to suit all ages, all pockets and all abilities.

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Fabulous Walks - suggestions and full details available.

Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path

The Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path is a developing long distance route that follows much of the island's coastline. The path primarily caters for walkers, however cyclists and horse riders can also enjoy certain sections.

Length: 125 miles/200 kms

Average no. of days to complete: 12.

For a small pre-arranged fee, we will ferry you to the start of your walk for the day and pick you up at the end of your walk - every day. No need then to worry about any logistics - just the joy of the walk.

Cycle Routes - suggestions and full details available and we have safe and secure bike storage and cleaning facilities.

Tourist Attractions - on Anglesey and the mainland.

Historical Sites - we have a brief list for this most historic isle.

Beaches - try and visit a different beach every day - you won’t be sorry! We have highlighted those beaches which restrict dogs during the summer months.

Dining - suggestions and full details available.

Horse Riding - stay with us and bring your horse to stay at Anglesey Mane Attractions ( to ride across the glorious Anglesey beaches.

The Llanfair Treasure Hunt

We can’t imagine that you can ever be bored on Anglesey, but we have devised a treasure hunt for those guests who would like to challenge themselves. Armed with a set of clues, straightforward or cryptic, it’s up to you, all you have to do is solve the clues, take a photo of each solution and give all the answers to us before you leave for home. We will check the length of time it took you to complete the task and the winner, with all the correct answers and the fastest time, will win a bottle of champagne at the end of the season.

If you have already booked your holiday with us, email us on and we will be happy to send you any further details of everything listed above (apart from the Treasure Hunt!) - so you can start planning your fabulous holiday right now!

Things to Do

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