Puffin Island is at the South East end of Anglesey at Penmon and when travelling to Anglesey along the A55 from the M56, is the small island you can see from the mainland. The island is privately owned by the Baron Hill estate and its Welsh name Ynys Seiriol, refers to Saint Seiriol, the son of Owain Ddantgwyn, a 5th century ruler of the Kingdom of Gwynedd and the brother of Saint Einion Frenin, a 5th or 6th century king in the Llŷn Peninsula, Seiriol founded and governed an ecclesiastical settlement at Penmon on the Anglesey.

In later life, he abandoned his responsibilities there to establish a hermitage on the nearby island, where his remains are thought to rest. There are a number of ruined buildings on the island, formerly a monastery, church and other such buildings.

Penmon is the perfect place to observe the Northern Lights whenever they are in the sky - best between October and November.

There are boat trips and rib rides around this island, organised by companies in Beaumaris and they are a really fun way to spend a couple of hours.

Sadly the puffins have left but there is plenty of other bird and wildlife (including seals) to be observed. The island is in fact a Special Protection Area, particularly because of its great cormorant colony of over 750 pairs, making it one of the largest colonies in the British Isles. It also has good numbers of guillemot, razorbill, cormorant and kittiwake nesting.

The strong currents around the island provide for an abundance of marine life, particularly on the north coast where the depths reach 15 metres. Many people enjoy the fishing trips that can be organised from Beaumaris, catching mainly mackerel.


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