Guest Photo Competition

Image credit (clockwise from top):

Newly Baled Geodome Field - Neela Jackson

Our Resident Buzzard - Richard Webb

Night sky from the pods - Tim Porter

Wellies Ready to Go - Kay Stevenson

August 2016

We are lucky enough to receive fabulous photos taken by our guests and this page is dedicated to those whose images we think are really fabulous and sum up everything good that we have tried to achieve here at Llanfair Hall.

If you have visited us and would like to participate in this - please send your photo taken somewhere from our site at Llanfair Hall to with as high a spec as possible and if we like it too, therefore shortlisting it for the prize, we shall post it here.

Best photo of the year wins a 10% discount on the next stay! We will announce the winner here in January 2017.