Dark Skies

Image credits (clockwise from top):

Kris Williams

Ross Mackenzie

Rachel Sayer

Ross Mackenzie

Gareth Jones

The Isle of Anglesey AONB (Area of Natural Beauty) is working with partners from the Joint Advisory Committee towards gaining Dark Sky Reserve Status for Anglesey as a whole.

Llanfair Hall is delighted to be part of this project as it has been deemed to have “pristine skies” - ie distinct lack of light pollution and an amazing view of the night skies, when of course they are cloudless. There are only a handful of “milky way class” sites around the UK, meaning the highest classification of clear skies and we are in one of them!


This is an exciting project for the future and plans are afoot to run astro-photography lessons with the matchless Kris Williams and sky at night observation evenings.

Watch this space!